Asindo is proud of over 25 years of expertise in the development and manufacture of PET PRODUCTS.

Currently ASINDO is a world leader in PET carriers manufactured by ASINDO CHINA, both OEM and our own brand ZU & LU

Our strength:

  • All our products are designed and developed in France to ensure they meet the latest fashion trends and the highest safety standards. We own a number of patented innovative systems  – pet transformers uniting several functions in one product.
  • Our raw material purchasing department continuously monitors international markets and raw material manufacturers to bring natural and modern high-tech materials of the highest quality to the PET industry.
  • Our technologists invest all their time in finding smart, innovative and easy-to-use solutions for animals and their owners.
  • Our designers develop tailor-made OEM solutions to meet the brand style and needs of our OEM customers – brand owners from different countries.

The production department, with a multi-step quality control procedure from arrival of materials to final products, works hard to ensure that every delivery will exceed customer requirements.

We believe in service to customer and we work to understand your business by anticipating your needs and expectations.