Going into the 21st century, architectural evolution and advanced industrial techniques have brought new ways of designing furniture for our living spaces. Therefore, we are witnessing even higher demands not only in term of image, but also comfort, strength and ease of maintenance. Day after day, new materials are coming into the market that give better performance and allow us to come up with technical solutions for new goals.

We are now on the brink of a small revolution. To create harmony and bring interaction between the interior and exterior of our homes, we are giving our patios and gardens the same attention that we give to living rooms.

Against this background, EZEÏS places particular emphasis on creating exquisite furniture collections – elegant and original – that fulfill our clients’ wishes and imagination.

Our products will find a place in your gardens as well as inside your house. EZEÏS pieces are an invitation to relax and enjoy a sense of luxury and well- being.

We pay great attention in selecting the best materials to develop our furniture. Great care is taken during manufacturing and each item is thoroughly checked to ensure that you will have a product of the highest quality and satisfaction.


Our long term expertise and know-how in developing and manufacturing  PET CARRIERS grew in creating  zu&lu brand – world known leader in this product category.

We own a number of patented revolutionary systems of pet carriers – transformers, uniting several features in one product, and cover all needs of pet owners in this segment.

Exclusive modern materials and innovative european designs keep us in avant-guard of the world market of pet carriers.


Born out of the desire to enhance the baby accessories experience for both mother and baby, B+B BABY aims to simplify and complement their daily lives.

Our products are designed to facilitate moving around with baby . B+B products are both aesthetically pleasing and inherently functional.

We have been working with European designers for over a decade to offer products that are different from everything you can find on the market and ensure exclusivity to your customers.